Who are we?

Danfe Arts is a Kathmandu based art space founded in 2019 that continues to organise and promote a wide range of art projects with an aim to cultivate interest and admiration for Nepali contemporary art. Working behind the scenes, we are a small team of artists and art enthusiasts helping Danfe ‘fly’.

What do we do?

We operate in multiple capacities including exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions and events. Through these programmes, we aim to bring the artistic community together and create an inclusive space for exchange of conceptual ideas and discourse. 

‘Where do we go from here?’ is the most recent exhibition organised by Danfe Arts that featured four young artists with distinctive creative practices. The exhibition, consisting of paintings, printmaking, mixed media pieces and installation, sought to ponder about the ephemeral nature of time along with the peace and familiarity that reside in mundane objects and landscapes. A series of interactive and discursive programs were conducted as part of the event.

In early 2020, the exhibition ‘A Portrait Story’ was realised in collaboration with Taragaon Museum that brought together works of forty Nepali artists, both senior and emerging. The exhibition showcased seventy five artworks where the artists played with the structure of portraits, pushing the conventional boundaries of what a portrait can look like. 

How do we do it?

Working intimately with a close-knit network of artists and collaborating partners, we are building a community that initiates and encourages conversations around art. We tailor our programs to fit into the contemporary narratives with a thorough curatorial approach. We collect references and resources from writers, artists and workshop mentors and make them freely accessible online. Our presence on digital platforms further helps us facilitate online exposure of Nepali art and artists to a wider crowd. We also reach out to artists for commissioned works which later go on display.

Our vision

We hope to continue engaging in the dynamic local art scene but also widen our wings to encompass the larger South Asian region for dialogues and cultural exchanges that connect us beyond borders.


The greatest ideas come from collaborations! We are so thankful to all of you for your unending support and belief in our vision.

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