Danfe Arts is a touring art gallery that seeks to establish a platform for diverse, indigenous, and independent practices of art. It strives to symbolize the culture and heritage of Nepal, as the word Danfe represents the national bird of the country. Just like the bird, Danfe Arts aims to ‘fly’ places.

Our vision is to make art accessible to a wider audience, focusing especially on Nepali Art, while also supporting young and emerging artists. We aim to provide a safe and inclusive space for all things related to art, fostering dialogues between like-minded individuals and creating cross-cross-cultural collaborations.


The greatest ideas come from collaborations! We are so thankful to all of you for your unending support and belief in our vision.

Jonathan Pratty Yenta Studio
Ana Jayone Perez Yarza Roshan Mishra
Sujan Chitrakar Aanchal Saxena
Taragaon Museum Fire and Ice Pizzeria Kathmandu
Nepal Communitere Carpe Arte Mumbai
Beebal Singh Limbu Leklekk Nepal
Amna Usman Jalpa Coffee Club
The Rose Foundation, Nepal Nepali Feminist, A Social Advocacy Blog
Kala Jyoti Foundation Sumir Shrestha
Hoste Hainse Foundation The Malla Hotel