Nepal went under lockdown from 24th March and ever since the art scenario has somehow gone on a standstill. Physical exhibitions have taken a step back and there has been a surge of digital exhibitions happening nevertheless. People have resolved to art in different ways either by watching a film, reading a book, listening to music or just admiring the virtual art galleries and perhaps realized that art is something that we need even if we think we dont. 

In compliance with the government rules and regulations, we have also canceled all our events and have moved the entire programming online. Having started a lockdown initiative on 25th May through the hashtag #danfeartsupports on instagram, we have been able to raise around seventy thousand nepali rupees for the local art community. Currently, our social media pages have taken a step forward through virtual studio tours, interviews and workshops with artists and art enthusiasts all around the world. 

As a gallery, we would urge all our artists to continue creating work everyday as a method to heal gradually from the pandemic we’re all facing. We hope to start our gallery exhibitions as soon as we feel the situation is getting normal. 

But for now, lets embrace the new normal and with it all our digital content!

We will see you soon!

Illustration: Prakash Ranjit