Panel Discussion II: A Curator’s View to Nepal’s Portrait

Me Myself and I – A Curator’s View on Nepal’s Portrait

Speakers: Sangeeta Thapa, Nayantara Gurung, Roshan Mishra
Moderator: Shivangi Bansal

This panel discussion was the second series of talks and focused on the curatorial perspective on Nepali portraiture, both literally and metaphorically.

Some topics that were explored were transition of portraiture as an art, discussion on past exhibitions related to portraiture, views on Nepal’s Portrait as a country and some anecdotes from the curators journey!

Sangeeta Thapa is the founder and director of the Siddhartha Art Gallery in Kathmandu and has actively been involved in the promotion of contemporary art in Nepal for over 20 years. She has curated over 300 art shows of local and international artists at SAG.

Nayantara Gurung is a photographer, curator and the co-founder of Photo Circle and Nepal Picture Library. Her works seek to embrace themes such as change, identity, gender, and history within the context of a Nepal in transition.

Roshan Mishra is the Director/Curator at Taragaon Museum and a visual artist based in Kathmandu. He also manages the Nepal Architecture Archive (NAA). Since 2014, he has been affiliated with the Museum and has been working with its permanent collection, launching of the Contemporary Art Gallery and creation of a Library.

Shivangi Bansal is a Curator and the Founder of Danfe Arts, a touring art gallery that aims to promote Nepali art in a fair an equal platform, both locally and internationally. Also an alumni of the American Arts Incubator 2019, she enjoys curating shows in relation to themes of social change and inclusivity.

Quick View

Sangeeta Thapa Nayantara Gurung Roshan Mishra

Moderated by Shivangi Bansal