Portfolio Building and Review

The workshop aims to help artists working with any form of visual art to develop a professional portfolio, demonstrating their skills and ideas.

This online workshop, led by two creative experts- Kiran Maharjan and Bidhata KC, will be conducted in two sessions on 17th and 21st December. In the first session, the mentors will present their own portfolios as a case study to discuss major components, thoughtful placement, critical vocabulary, among others. This workshop will also require participants to bring their existing portfolios or components of it including pictures of artworks, documentation, bio and statements which will not be necessarily shared with others but for them to work on it for the next session. In the second session, participants will develop their portfolio and engage in one-on-one review sessions with the mentors. The workshop will conclude with a peer feedback and reflection session.

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Manoj Maharjan Noorisha Rai Ugem Manandhar Aagman Poudel Nirvik Maskey

Mentored By: Bidhata KC and Kiran Maharjan