A Rendition of Kathmandu Valley

A Rendition of Kathmandu Valley, an exhibition that marked the first flight of Danfe Arts, took place in a local pizzeria in Kathmandu called Fire and Ice. It showcased contemporary works of ten local artists who depicted perspectives and reactions post the 2015 Earthquake. Each artist represented how the earthquake affected their lives, their ways of seeing their local culture and their perspectives of the new realities.

The exhibition brought recognition from the non-art community of Kathmandu as well as from those who stopped by in the valley before their trekking expeditions. It created a perfect amalgamation of art and gastronomy, where each visitor enjoyed their favorite slice of pizza while they experienced a  glimpse of the local contemporary art scene too. 

The Artists of Nepal Series introduced in this exhibition provided a personal take of the artistic journey of the exhibiting artists. The exhibition spanned from 2nd June 2019 to 14th June 2019, inauguration of which was done by the Pizzeria Owner, Ms Annamaria Forgione. The exhibition was put together by the founder- Shivangi Bansal and her family of supporters. Each artist represented in this exhibition holds a very special place in the hearts of the Danfe family 🙂

Quick View

Chirag Bangdel Ishan Pariyar Kishor Jyoti Kiran Hada Madan Shrestha Prashant Shrestha Roshan Pradhan Rabindra Shrestha Rashana Bajracharya Sabita Dangol