An Ideal Beginning of Jalpa Coffee Club

  • Dhiru Lama | Jalpa Coffee Club, Co- Founder
  • 11 July

Where do we go from here? Was the perfect title to the exhibition because everyone was hit hard by the pandemic and was unsure about things that was happening around them. The sense of normalcy had faded; in a way it was taken away from us. Like everyone, I was too struggling with the abnormalities.

I had known Shivangi for quite some time and we had talked about working together but it never came to fruition. By coincidence, I had just opened my café and she was in search for a space for her art exhibition that she was planning. Everything clicked and we were ready.

This art exhibition was very new experience for me. For the first time I was doing something like this in my life. We had to face some challenges and just the amount of detailed work that had to be done was mind blowing. But the close proximity with the artists was the most awesome thing that I got to experience. Their thought process, their hard work and the creativity was something I got the experience first-hand. I had gained new level of respect towards them.
Never have I thought that I get to meet many new people through this 3 week long exhibition. The exhibition was an unifying event for many who was searching for that conventional way of living, which had been affected by the pandemic.

Working alongside with the Danfe Team was a great learning experience and made me respect art in a different way. I am glad to have been able to provide space for the exhibition.