Lockdown- an opportunity!

  • Sagar Manandhar
  • 17 August

Life is full of surprises, and the year 2020 seems to be invaded by one of those not so welcoming surprises. It was a challenge to abruptly alter the mode of our living and working strategies.

Initially, I took the CoVid-19 lightly but as it began to sniff globally including Nepal, it triggered my perception. However, nothing is permanent and that the lockdown test was accepted; I began to cope as per the situation.

On the very first day of the lockdown, I directed myself to change the setup of my studio where I could work with an enthusiastic approach in a new setting. The energy was there to work and engage in my new series entitled ‘Bhoye- The Feast’. The work is ongoing till date. Somehow, I felt that I would be working day and night, as the lockdown was an exclusive opportunity to spend more time in my studio.

I am lucky enough to have my workplace at my own home. I became so fully engrossed in my work that I felt left out among my family members. I then realised that this should also be a beautiful opportunity for me to spend more time with my family. I started engaging myself with my family members from the second week of the lockdown while my work went hand in hand. I spent more time playing with my daughter Sneha where a father-daughter bonding was felt more strongly. The spontaneity and innocence of a child reflected in my paintings.

I felt myself as a more responsible son and a doting husband. I began having a deep conversation with my father, Kiran Manandhar about my artistic ideas. We communicated, we criticized only to come to a mutual understanding which ended on a positive note. With more time to spend and opportunity to understand my creations, I welcomed the suggestions and criticisms from my loving mother and my wife which helped me enhance my creativity.  Those discussions and unplanned meetings with my family at my studio inspired me more. It helped me learn different ideologies in various perceptions. I cooked and spent time in the kitchen, as a part of my involvement in my new series that I am working on currently.

To cut is short, it was a wonderful moment.

Online class mentoring for my students of Kathmandu University, Department of Art and Design was totally a new experience for me rather than being physically present, tutoring them in college premises. Thanks to the technological advancement, that I have been able to share the ideas and new explorations of the theme based works to the students even during the lockdown period.

I cherish some beautiful moments spent during the lockdown and the situation was an opportunity for me to learn and teach. My creativity, beautiful bonding & communication with family and mentoring my students were definitely some fruitful moments during this global pandemic.

Stay safe and stay healthy with a smile. Enjoy your life!!