Where Do We Go From Here

Where Do We Go From Here, a titled inspired by the great book of Dr. Martin Luther King, is an exhibition that urges the audience to acknowledge their immediate now. It addresses the temporality and homogeneity of our lives in a world as uncertain as ours.

Uncertain as the times maybe, human beings have taken extremism, have become polarized and are seeking power in every realm. However, this exhibition is an embodiment to show how our minds are collectively rewired in the null, the gray and the intangibility of things. We seek mundanity, we give life to objects and we get attached to places.

Through varied works of four artists, this exhibition attempts to make the audiences reflect upon the simple nature of their lives and acknowledge the stillness found in staying there. Each artist has showcased their process-based artworks, showcasing a journey, a journey that directs us, as Dr. Luther rightly said- into community or chaos.

So, where are you going from here?

Quick View

James Khati Bhavika Dugar Sanod Maharjan Madan Shrestha

Curated by Shivangi Bansal

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